Far and away, the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.
— Theodore Roosevelt

About Me


Omaha, NE



Lawton, IA


Current city 

Fargo, ND


Cities worked in 

Fargo, ND

Vermillion, SD

Bemidji, MN

Sioux Falls, SD

San Antonio, TX

For the last four years, I’ve reported the news, first as a reporter for The Volante, the independent student newspaper at the University of South Dakota, and then as a summer intern for the Bemidji Pioneer, the Argus Leader and finally the San Antonio Express-News. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s been work worth doing.

I’ve covered the bad and the good, the exciting and the mundane. I’ve tried to give a voice to the voiceless and to report fairly and unbiasedly on the triumphs of our society and the pressing issues we face.

But it’s not enough to point out society’s problems and hope someone else will solve them. I've realized that I must take a more active role in helping to solve these issues and seek the change I wish to see myself. Because of this, I'm now enrolled in a master's program at USD for public administration and am on track to entering the public or nonprofit sector in August of 2018. 

I know the problems that I want to help solve are challenging and seem insurmountable, and that the work ahead of me will be hard and oftentimes tedious, but I believe it is work worth doing. 



Proven Leadership


Senator (mar. 2017 - Mar. 2018)

USD Student Government Association


President (May 2017 - may 2018)

USD Students of Public Administration


President (May 2017 - may 2018)

USD Graduate & Professional Student Association


Vice President (Aug. 2016 - jan. 2018)

Clay-Union Foundation Board of Directors


Editor-in-Chief (Jan. 2016 - Dec. 2016)

The Volante student newspaper

A mentor once told me that "decisions are made by those who show up and action is taken by those that stand up." Throughout my college years, I've consistently made it a priority to search out leadership positions on campus and in my community to both grow as an individual as well as improve the lives of those around me. 

From managing and leading more than 20 other students at USD's student-run newspaper to assisting with fundraising efforts for a local nonprofit organization, I've gained valuable leadership experience and have learned first-hand the differences between management and leadership, as well as how to seamlessly blend the two together to get timely results.

As a quick learner and a self-starter, I plan on seeking out future leadership positions in both organizations I work for, as well as organizations in the community that I decide to call home after graduation.  



A Variety of Work Experiences

I'm a firm believer that the pursuit of knowledge in the service of others is one of the most noble endeavors an individual can undertake. I've tried to replicate this value throughout my undergraduate and graduate years by working in a variety of roles at a wide array of internships.  



University of South Dakota Marketing Communications & University Relations

Graduate Administrative Assistant

City of Vermillion

Administrative intern 

Vermillion Area Chamber & Development Company

Economic Development intern 



San Antonio Express-News 

Business desk intern 



Sioux Falls Business Journal

Freelance writer

Sioux Falls Argus Leader

News intern



Bemidji Pioneer

News intern